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A Good Cause – Sea_TheBarber raising funds for “FlipDaBarber”

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After being hit by a truck while crossing the street, NYC barber Monzell Bailey (Instagram: @flipdabarber) lies in critical condition. Long-time friend “@Sea_TheBarber” is raising funds to help… (Updates Below)


Hey… We at BARBinc wanted make our readers aware of a good cause for a barber in need…

Monzell Bailey who goes by the nickname “Flip Da Barber” works at The Hut Barbershop in New York City. last Wednesday, Flip was hit by a truck while crossing the street. As of today, Flip is still in critical condition at a local hospital.

UPDATE (Apr-15): Very Good News..! Flip is now breathing on his own.

Flip’s former co-worker and longtime friend, Sea_TheBarber (…who you may remember from our Black History Month Contest earlier this year) immediately went into action and wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram that was readily reposted by many within the Barbering community. She also opened a PayPal fundraising account to collect funds for Flip’s immediate expenses.

In Sea’s words…

(Flip) is such a joyous person. I swear anytime I spoke with him he had a smile on his face… And he just has a way about him of making people around him laugh. More than just a sense of humor, true joy.

So… we ask that you consider donating to the cause. And if you’re ever on Instagram, we’re sure that Flip and his family would appreciate some words of encouragement on his photo-stream…


We at BARBinc will continue to follow this story and update you as events unfold.

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