#tbt – NFL’s Colin Kaepernick Shows His Barber some Love…!

(Originally Published on May-29-2013): San Franciso 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick really knows how to show his barber some love…!

As part of an extended commercial for luxury car maker Jaguar, Colin’s friend and long-term barber (“Red” the Barber) is highlighted at San Francisco’s Timeless Barbers Barbershop…

“Red” doesn’t seem like the type that a clean-cut guy like Kaepernick would hang out with, much less trust with his hair. But you can easily see the “bro-man” bond that the two share. For his part, “Red” stays professional in front of the camera, saying how he treats an A-list star like Colin the same as every other customer.

Even if you’re not a 49ers fan, this video is something to see.

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