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Is This the Biggest Afro Hair In The World…?

You haven’t seen big hair until you watch this video!

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Aevin Dugas secured her position in the Guinness Book of World Records with the world’s largest afro. After fourteen years of natural growth, Dugas’ considerable coif measures an amazing four-and-a-half feet around. She maintains her hair by keeping it in a protective style most of the time, wearing it out on the weekends. And while it only takes an hour to style it, it takes two days for the ‘fro to dry after washing. “I remember washing my hair on a Sunday/ I put it in braid, I let it dry, and by Wednesday night it was still damp!” The Louisiana native has become a cult hero in her hometown and inspired her hairdresser and several others to “go natural.”

Biggest Afro Hair In The World – Guinness World Record

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Written by Monica Wright

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