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Master Your Protective Hairstyles with Natural Hair Advocate Breanna Rutter!

Guard your hair from split ends! Natural hair advocate Breanna Rutter discusses protective hairstyles.

Split ends are a nightmare for those of us vying for long, healthy hair.  In the natural hair community, protective hairstyles are considered the best way of ensuring hair growth. But what exactly is a protective hairstyle?  Breanna Rutter, author of The Natural Hair Bible and founder of, is here to help! Generally, protective hairstyles involve tucking the ends of your hair away from the atmosphere to protect them from damage. But according to Breanna, any style that encourages hair growth and length retention – like braids or twists – is protective, whether your ends are exposed or tucked within your hairstyle. Glad we got that cleared up! You can buy Breanna’s book The Natural Hair Bible on

What Are Protective Hairstyles?

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Written by Monica Wright

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