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Would You Pay $1,000 for a Haircut…?

Bloomberg News takes us behind the scenes of the Loews Regency Hotel and their new “power hour” spa services, including a $1,000 haircut.

“Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” is not just a show hosted by Robin Leach. It is a level of status or a goal many of us wish to achieve – even if only for an hour… The Loews Regency Hotel, host of the infamous “power breakfast,” has now added a “power hour” to it array of offerings.

Inside their newly renovated hotel spa, one can come in and have an array of spa treatments within the same amount of time a regular joe has for lunch. What this makes such a high-roller statement…? Why not try one of their $1,000 haircuts and see if you feel the power ruining through you.


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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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