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Awww Yeah…!!! The Nomad Barber’s in the U.S.A…!

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For months, we have followed Miguel and his crew across the globe, giving us the rarest of glimpses into barbershop culture worldwide… Now, we get to see these storytelling geniuses focus the lens on American Barber culture…!

If you like watching Anthony Bourdain travel shows, you’ll instantly see the similarities when watching The Nomad Barber series. Like Bourdain, each Nomad Barber segement is infused with intricate music and sound to practically deliver you into another location.
That location may be Australia, Hong Kong or even Dubai… It doesn’t matter because you really “feel” as if you’re in the scene with Miguel, exploring new territories in Barber Culture.
Now, imagine all that but you’re being introduced to the mosh-pit that is American Barber Culture…
That’s the feeling you get with “United States – Part 1” — literally being transported to a foreign land that’s possibly a 30-minute drive from your front door.
Bottom line, our team LOVES the new series. So, go watch Episode #1 (below) and we all look forward to future episodes…!

The Nomad Barber – Episode 20 – The United States – Part 1

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