Learn Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo’s Snazzy (and Touching?) Hairstyle

Want footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s stylish – and, rumor has it, poignant – World Cup haircut? Watch and learn here!

During the opening days of the World Cup, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo turned everyone’s heads with an interesting new hair design.  Ronaldo unveiled the unusual zig-zag patterned haircut at Portugal’s match against the United States. Soon afterward, a story began circulating online explaining that the pattern is less of a fashion statement and more of a tribute to a little boy from Spain.
Apparently, Ronaldo donated $50,000 to pay for young fan Erik Ortiz Cruz’s brain surgery recently and the jagged line in his haircut was a nod to the boy’s surgery scars. But don’t get teary-eyed just yet! The story was proven to be nothing more than a myth. We love the style anyway, and Stephen Marinaro, also know as, TheSalonGuy, is here to teach us how to recreate it in this video tutorial.

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Written by Monica Wright

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