Opinion: “Just Doing Business” w/ Jaye Da Barber

Today marks the launch of another member in our “BARBinc Voices” collective. Veteran barber “JayeDaBarber” begins his monthly column called “Just Doing Business”.

This month, Jaye gives his thoughts about the recent Bronner Brothers 2014 extravaganza…


What stood out about this year Bronner Brother Show was the very open floor plan it seem like every booth had primetime real estate at this hairshow.

See Instagram photos from the latest Bronner Brothers Hairshow

The new changes at the hair show I seen was much more organized on the floor ,no alley effects ,better refreshment vending and seating area and who could forget that AWESOME red carpet effect.

Red Carpet effect throughout Bronner Brothers 2014 Hairshow

@the_mini_fashionista (Camryn Naomi) on the “Red Carpet”

The volume of the show was different then others, as an educator attending these last 4 years I think this was truly due to earlier scheduling, but again volume should not be left up to the show but to professionals that embrace this event as a time to come together to share new ideas and add to the overall “community” of our industry.

Building Community at Bronner Brothers…

More fun photos from the #BronnerBros #BBHappyHair mixer hosted by #UpscaleMagazine, #Voscato and #StepsEvents.

One would say there was a lot of things we could say we enjoyed about show ,I personally enjoyed the business classroom I was assigned in 408 ,it provided a truly comfortable setting for me as an educator and fellow entrepuners to have a heart to heart feel. August show meant a lot for the Who’s Next with Jaye Da Barber team, because it opened a door of opportunity to display skills at major show like Bronner Brothers.

At The Who’s Next with JayeDaBarber booth…

Ms Hailey doing it up at the booth…

At the Who’s Next with JayeDaBarber booth…

Nothing “but talent was at the Who’s Next? With JayeDaBarber booth #440 @nikiagorham

I truly plan to return and continue to support the Bronner Brother Hairshow ,because it has truly provided so many individuals like myself the ability to establish a brand in this billion dollar industry. If there was anything I would fault the Bronner Brother Show with is having a truly big heart and trying to level the playing field for all of those who want to be long in this hair and beauty professional society.
As Bronner Brother moves into a new era, change begins with looking forward more to all the great things to come and less all things that was… I say, #proceedwithconfidence.

– Jaye

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