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JayeDaBarber – Water’s Effect on Your Business

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I Know you’re reading this and saying,

“The effect of water on my business?”

Brace yourself… Yes I’m here to say water can have a positive effect on your business that sometimes is more effective than services itself.

I recall times rushing into my favorite clothing store just to purchase what I needed and get out. How many of us have done that?

I get back to the comfort of my own home, trying on my new gear, liking what I see. But soon, its off to the web, seeing what else I can find. I would often find missed sales, bonus coupons and deals of the day and I always get a little disappointed, saying “If I only took the time…”

I remember not going back for a while feeling like I couldn’t catch a break. Time passed a bit and it was “show-time” once again where I felt like I needed something new like a shirt and I’m in the mode of “run in and out of the store.”
But this time was different… I was greeted by a salesman. The first things he said was “can I help you find anything and would you like a bottle of water while you look..?”

Remember, I only wanted a shirt and I’m out..!

I accepted the water and my need to be In-and-Out lessened, which then allowed me to browse more of the store. After a calm few sips, I bought a shirt, tie and a brand new vest.

Simply put, that drink of water allowed me to relax and appreciate what that store had to offer.

I tell you the day I left that store a bought a case of water and I now offer my clients water whenever they come for service…!

If I really want to explain, water was a gesture of customer service that was above the normal duty that made an enormous impact on those (like myself) who appreciate optimum service. It’s truly like the sayings of old, “It’s the small things that count”

Today try a little water on your business today and watch it grow and remember #proceedwithconfidence and it’s all about “Just Doing Business” with JayeDaBarber

Jaye Da Barber

Jaye Da Barber, Charlotte, NC has been an Andis Company educator since 2010 is a regular contributor to BARBinc Voices…

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