The Nomad Barber – The United States (Part 2) Review

With Kanye’s “Black Skinheads” setting the mood, The Nomad Barber’s “United States – Part 2” explores the Urban aspect of American Barber culture…!

Miguel and Company first interviews Joe Caccavella (Sr) of the iconic Joe’s Barbershop in Chicago, Illinois. Joe has been a barber for over 50 years and it’s nice to see the Nomad Barber team capture a first-hand account of the “immigrant turned barber” story that’s very typical of many old-school barbershops…
Then, it’s off to New York City where Miguel interviews Rob McMillen of East Village-based “The Blind Barber“.
Finally, it’s over the bridge to Brooklyn where Charly Hustle of The Hustle Barbershop takes the stage. We also get to see the softer side of Urban barber culture when Miguel interviews Charly’s co-worker “Sea The Barber”…
(SideNote to Charly… Her name is “Sea The BARBER”, not “stylist”… Don’t disrespect our lady like that in the future… !-)
Regardless, The Nomad Barber is always a MUST SEE so don’t wait… take a 20-minute break and watch it now..!

The Nomad Barber – Episode 21 – The United States – Part 2

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