Chime Edward’s 7 Ways to Grow Long Natural Hair

Who DOESN’T dream of long gorgeous hair? YouTube hair vlogger Chime Edwards lets us in on her secrets to achieving just that!

The Chime Edwards you see at the beginning of this video has beautiful hair. As it should be – she’s one of the top hair and style bloggers on YouTube, boasting almost 200,000 followers. It’s a great achievement, but an even more impressive one is shown about twenty seconds into the video: a picture of Edwards sporting fantastic waist-length natural hair. In this video, she describes seven of the methods she used in order to grow such long locks.

Some of these tricks are as easy as massaging your scalp. Others are a little more complicated, like composing a mixture containing vodka and other household ingredients. But Edwards’ picture doesn’t lie. If you’re after long natural hair like hers, you should take her advice to heart however quirky it may be! You can follow Chime Edwards on her YouTube channel or like her Facebook page.

7 Ways To Accelerate Hair Growth + Style Inspiration

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Written by Monica Wright

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