Chime Edwards’ Tips and Tricks for Quenching Dry, Thirsty Hair

Moisturizing can be the difference between retaining hair length and constant breakage. Chime Edwards’ teaches us how to treat our dried-up locks!

As someone who’s lived with the blessing/curse of curly hair all her life, I know that moisturizing makes a big difference in hair health. Unfortunately, keeping natural hair moisturized can be quite a chore, especially when you’re not sure which products to use. Enter one of our favorite natural hair vloggers, Chime Edwards! Her hair guidance has garnered almost 200,000 followers on YouTube, and it’s guidance that we follow quite readily.

In this video, Chime explains the importance of moisturizing hair and offers some of the best methods for moisture retention. Unfortunately, her usual “style inspiration” segment is absent at the end of this particular video. You can follow Chime Edwards on her YouTube channel or like her Facebook page.

Prevent Breakage: How To Effectively Retain Moisture

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Written by Monica Wright

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