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Haircut Harry Experiences a Turkish Face Massage

This time last year, Haircut Harry had a truly unique experience – an authentic Turkish face massage!

When you walk into a barbershop, what you expect is a comfortable chair, a smock draped around you, and a head shorn to your liking. What you might not expect is a massage. But in Turkish barbershops, massaging the face, neck, and shoulders of your customer is a common practice! This time last year, Haircut Harry got to experience this luxurious service at a London-based barbershop called Jack the Clipper. Despite its clearly English cultural reference, the shop employed a Turkish barber who treated Harry to what looked like a very relaxing ritual!  To follow Haircut Harry on his worldwide journey, you can subscribe to hisYouTube channel or follow his blog

Turkish Barber Face Massage (and more) – HairCut Harry experiences Jack The Clipper, London U.K.

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Written by Monica Wright

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