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When we think of “BBB” we may think of the Better Business Bureau. But the BBB I mean is “Being Better at Business”. This BBB truly starts with you the individual…

The reason it starts with you is because right where you stand, you have the greatest ability and control in what makes your business a failure and what will make your business a great success.
You may ask how do you begin at being better at business? I’d say start by sorting out what is your business about besides the obvious (making money). Think about the benefits that people receive by doing business with you. What if you were your own customer? Some may say to be better at business it must be your passion. But in my opinion, you just got to understand the start… the finish… and everything in between.

Passion with no understanding can put you in a big delay – like trying to build a solid home with no blueprint.

An individual who practices being better at business finds him or herself thin on competition, even when they find themselves surrounded by businesses that appear to be just like theirs. Notice I said “appears”… not everyone is in the state of mind of building a business that lasts.
The “Being Better at Business” state of mind constantly rewards you through learning and earnings. When seeing all these positive outcomes, why NOT pursue “the BBB” ???
This is “Just Doing Business” with Jaye Da Barber and like I always say, #PROCEEDWITHCONFIDENCE.

What do you think?

Written by Jaye The Barber

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