Will This Razor Put Barbers Out of Business…?

The Beluga Razor promises a “Barber-Quality shave – minus the barber” and has attracted nearly $125k on KickStarter..!

The guys at Beluga Razor state that Barbers take years of practice to develop the muscle memory that maintains the perfect angle of the blade when shaving thier clients. But now, thanks to Beluga’s patent pending design, every man will have a perfectly angled blade everytime.
Sounds like a lot of hype to us but people are “buying in” to it because over 1,000 people have contirbuted to Beluga’s Kickstarter page to the tune of nearly $125,000…!
The funding campaign will end on November 5th and the company will almost certainly move into production mode soon after. So watch the video below and stay tuned…!

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Written by BARBinc News

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