How To Grow a Beard or Stubble by SuperStaf TV

Gorwing your facial hair from stubble to a full beard will absolutely be a test of your patience. Growing a beard is a very time conuming process and one that unfortunately does not happen over night.

…But how do you even know if your stubble has the potential to grow into a full beard? SuperSaf from Superaf TV shares some of his experiences to go from baby stubble to a manly beard.
Tip #1: Work with what you have! We all have to start somewhere and usually that somewhere a lot further away than where we would like to start but the good news is, if you start today you will e one day closer to the bearded goal. Tip #2: Be patient! Beard aren’t grown overnight, they take time and a commitment to grow through all the awkward phases to achieve the glorious beard. Tip #3: Shape it up! Cleaning your neck and cheek lines will help you maintain a clean or professional look and will make growing out your beard an easier process.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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