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Popstar Rainbow Ombre Hair Tutorial by Garnier

Adding color to your hair has always been a drastic but fun solution to change your overall style. Even the rainbow or mermaid ombre, the newest hair color trend, has taken over as a fun and creative way for women to express their individuality.

But what options do women have if they are looking for a temporary fix, perhaps for an event. Well Garnier has tapped into this market and provided a solution for those whom might not be ready to take the permanent leap, but want to have fun with color nonetheless.
Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, Irene Mahmud, showcases the benefits and creativity one can obtain using the Garnier Color Styler. This tutorial features the easy use of the product, simple styling and vibrant but temporary color that can wash away. Gariner Color Styler come in five main color; Pink Pop, Blue Burst, Purple Mania, Bronze Attitude, and Red Temptation. It’s a no risk, wash out way to create dramatic color with minimal damage.
Just apply, let it dry and brush to set!

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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