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Client Haircut & Interview | @TheGirlCanCut

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In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a female barber is changing the barbering culture and creating a path for aspiring female barbers.

In this video Thursday Farrell, also known as @ThatGirlCanCut throughout social media, features her 6+ year returning client. He describes his initial skepticism of a female barber and why he was wrong.

Barbering is a culture where women are the minority. Young boys mature into adult men who have grown up consistently seeing male barbers in a barbershop. It can be intimidating and scary for a man to sit in a female barbers chair because of preconceived stereotypes and assumptions surrounding a female barber. The main stereotype is that a female barber’s barbering skills are not up to par in comparison to her male colleagues.

“Finding a good barber is like finding a good woman. Once you find her, you’ll never want to leave her. “
– 6 year client of Thursday @ThatGirlCanCut Farrell

Aside from an amazing haircut, on Thursdays @ThatGirlCanCut hosts a weekly discussion where she provides hair care tips, discussions on a maintaining a healthy scalp, pro-tips for specific hairstyles like waves, products recommendations, etc. Make sure to follow her via Facebook for information on classes, appearances and seminars.

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