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Barbinc Spotlight on Featured Educator JayDaBarber | Bronner Bros. 2015

Barbinc’s Educator JayeDaBarber discusses his participation in this year’s #BronnerBrothers 2015 Mid-Winter show and his two classes “My Purpose Driven Business” and ““It’s Nobody’s Business But Yours”“.

Here’s what Jaye had to say…
JM: Jaye, you have particiapted in the Bronner Brothers shows for a number of years. What motivates you to come back and participate again, as an Educator?
JayeDaBarber: I consider myself an everyday barber like everyone else. I’ve happened to be in business for long enough where I can share the knowledge Iv’e gained over the years and hope it serves someone else. That’s why I created my Method 10.2 series. I wanted to participate in the Bronner Brothers Mid-Winter show because I’m bringing a new segment to my Method 1042 series. Some people my know my other class “It’s Nobody’s Business But Yours”, this is almost a prelude to that class.

JM: Can you give me a description of the key topics that will be covered in “My Purpose Driven Business”?
JayeDaBarber: When I started out with “It’s Nobody’s Business But Yours”, I noticed a lot of the people were very true beginners in their beauty or barbering career. So I wanted to create a class for those professionals or students who were contemplating starting their own business or shop. “My Purpose Driven Business” will help people align themselves, learn how to analyze their business on a month-to-month basis, and envision the steps they need to run a successful business.

I want attendees to ask themselves questions that will help them structure the type of business they want to establish. In “My Purpose Driven Business”, I ask questions like; how will my business be different than others?, what will be my clientele?, who are the clients I am currently servicing?, what will I do differently than other businesses?

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JM: Earlier you mentioned “It’s Nobody’s Business But Yours”; can you tell me a little more about what you discuss in this class?
JayeDaBarber: “It’s Nobody’s Business But Yours” covers the essentials of how to effectively run your business. From keeping track of clients, to technology and software to optimize your bushiness, all the way down to supply management.

I operate my business on a system, where I can manage things like newsletters, appointments & confirmations, menu of services, retail, etc. This makes it easier not only for myself but for my clients. Having an effective business structure enables my clients to know what they are looking for before even stepping into my business. They know what time they have to come in, what they are going to pay, and what to to expect.

JM: Why is do you believe these classes are beneficial for professionals and students? Why should they come?
JayeDaBarber: I think these are good classes to attend for both students and professionals because even from behind a chair you are running a business. These classes can help you structure your daily routine, from how you begin your morning, to how you communicate with your clientele throughout your day. This is a class that will help you analyze where you currently are in your career and where you want to progress to.

I think everyone can find an “A-Ha” moment in this class. A lot of times there are a questions that we should ask ourselves daily to improve our business and the experience to our clientele but… we don’t. And if we don’t take those assessments, whether we just started our barbering career or have been in the barber community for many years, we can get side-tracked and not even realize it. But I think “My Purpose Driven Business” help you become aware of those stumbling blocks.

JM: Besides the classes, where can attendees find you at the expo?
JayeDaBarber: There will also be able to find me at booth #1504. I’ll be introducing a new product called “FRESH” which is a skin rejuvenating treatment that is applied after a haircut and it reinvigorates and moisturizes the skin.

JM: Is there anything or anyone you are looking forward to experiencing or seeing at the show?
JayeDaBarber: I’m looking forward to seeing the new barber pavilion layout and the new demo stage, which I will be participating on and offering demonstrations. And seeing the final results of all the changes that has taken place since the summer show.


About Jaye Da Barber

Jaye Da Barber is a registered professional in the state of North Carolina. He is the CEO of Styles and Creations by Jaye LLC, a Charlotte based barbering company and Owner/Operator of one of Charlotte’s exclusive Grooming Studios. Jaye is the founder / executive director of C.A.N.S 4 Cuts, a 501c3 non-profit organization that brings barbers, stylists and neighnorhood communities together for a good cause. He is an educator for The Andis Clipper Company and South Carolina Professional Barber & Cosmotology Association. He is also the creator of the Infamous Tools and Techniques DVD, the ”Master The Shape Up” app that’s sold on Google Play and the catchy phrase “Proceed With Confidence”. Jaye prides his education on getting the maximum performance out of daily business methods, and examining theories of sufficient, quick, and quality ways of performing routine client services. He is a dedicated student of the industry, and advocate of professional service. Jaye’s true passion is business before and after the cut.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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