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BARBinc Spotlight on Featured Educator Lee Resnick at #BBBeautyShow2015

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The #BARBinc team is rearing up to participate in Bronner Bros Mid-Winter 2015 Show.

While preparing for all the action and organized chaos- I recently got a chance to chat with Barbershop Connect’s Lee Resnick about his first time as an Educator at the expo.

Here’s what he had to say…

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JM: This is your first year as an educator at Bronner Brothers. What motivated you to participate this year?

LR: Yea, this is the first time I will be teaching a class at Bronner Brothers. I guess I wanted to teach a class because…honestly, Bronner Bros was one of the first shows I ever went to and actually took pictures at. When I walked the floor of Bronner Brothers, it was a real show – there was energy in the air, and Bronner kind-of introduced me to a different art form of barbering. I feel like there is nothing quite like the Bronner Brothers show in terms of that excitement.

I always used to see the educators at Bronners and I envisioned myself teaching a class there one day. But I wanted to wait until I felt I was at a respectable level and people could really learn from what I have accomplished.

JM: Your class is called “Marketing Strategies and How to Build Your Social Media Following”. Why is social media important?

LR: It’s amazing because I got an email this morning from a Detroit barber named Tony Tonsorial. He was thanking me for referring a client to him, and it was all based on the work he presented. A lot of people don’t realize the power of social media and how it can increase their client base. Everyone thinks it’s just about the haircut and its not! It’s about how to brand yourself against the sea of other barbers out there. I’ve learned so much over the years that I want to teach others how to increase their business from behind the chair.

JM: Beside social media, what other marketing strategies will you be covering in the class?

LR: Everyone wants to work with brands. They all want to get endorsement deals but they really don’t understand how to go about it. So I’m going to teach them what a brand looks at in terms of value. And make them understand the clarity between the brand, the barber/stylist and the consumer.

JM: So what’s your pitch? Why should people come your class above all others? What will be their biggest take away?

LR: Oh. Wow. – I guess because a lot of people have questions but dont know how to get the answers. And hopefully I can guide them, answer their questions to increase their business and help them understand the future of barbering.

A lot of people think BarbershopConnect is this huge group of people and it really isn’t; I’m very hands on. I think that it’s important for people to hear from me because…I would say about 90% of people are shocked when they actually see and meet me. It will open peoples eyes to realize that with hard work and determination, you can achieve your dreams. It’s just a bunch of small steps to achieve a goal. Sometimes we look at things in such a small box or bubble, and we really don’t understand the world that’s around us. This class will teach them to look at things in a different way.

JM: Besides the classes, where can attendees find you at the expo?

LR: So Barbershop Connect will have booth, but I’m barely there. I love walking around and checking out everything at the show. So the best place to find me will be the at the class, or if they catch me walking around.

JM: Speaking of walking around, are there any barbers, stylists, or company you are interested in seeing?

LR: Now that you mention it (lol), I’m looking forward to seeing how much weight Lee Bladez lost! (lol!) Because every time I look at his picture it just doesn’t seem like the same person. But it also makes me feel bad at the same time because I told him I would be dedicated but I haven’t been, so I’m going on a strict diet so I don’t hear any shit from Lee when I see him.

Um…I’m looking forward to seeing the dude from who wears the powder blue suit…seeing him means you have officially arrived at the Bronner Brothers show, at least to me.

Oh and I’m looking forward to see my friends at Barbinc!

JM: What are you hoping to see and/or experience differently at this winter show, in comparison to the summer 2014 show?

LR: I really enjoy going to the stylist sections and seeing all the demonstrations and shows. The problem I had in the past is the stylist section is like a Broadway show and the barber section was like a swapmeat. So I’m excited to see this new barber pavilion and I’m hoping that by putting all the barbers in one section, they can learn from the stylists on how to grow in a bigger way.

Bronner Brothers as a whole is different from any other show, you will see and experience that you can’t duplicate at another show.

JM: People may or not not know that you are one of the driving forces in the upcoming show on the CW called Barber Battle With Cedric The Entertainer. Any exclusives or updates you can give me? Will you be making an appearance?

LR: Well, the show premiers on The CW on Friday, April 10th at 8pm EST. You might see the back of my head if you look quick enough (lol), but we really created this show and filmed it in 10 cities, across the country. And in each episode someone wins $15,000. It really is a very funny show that showcases the craft of barbering. So even if you aren’t into barbering, you will still appreciate the show. I’m just excited that I was fortune enough to be apart of this because people know my intentions are genuine.

For more information on Lee’s class “Marketing Strategies & How to Build Your Social Media Following”, please visit BronnerBros.com

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