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BARBinc Spotlight on Featured Educator Tamika Day at #BBBeautyShow2015

Barbinc’s Director of Education and Ford’s 2013 Top 10 – Stylist, Educator, and Salon Owner, Tamika Day offers her tips for growing your salon or barber business.

She discusses her participation in #BronnerBrothers 2015 Mid-Winter show and her class “The ABC’s of Successful Barbers & Stylists“.

Here is what Tamika had to say…

Tamika Day, Owner of Hair University Salon
Tamika Day, Owner of Hair University Salon
JM: At last year’s summer show, you were a featured panelist on Ford’s sponsored discussion; “The Business of Natural Hair: Changing Landscape or Trend..? Why did you decide to participate again this year, as an Educator?

TD: Personally, I think the Bronner Brothers show is an excellent opportunity to introduce both beauty professionals and students to upcoming products that I’m currently featuring like ManCave Naturals. And I think it’s important that I share my knowledge and educate barbers & stylists to the world of technology, in relation to the beauty industry.

JM: What are some of the key topics that you’ll be discussing in your class, “The ABC’s of Successful Barbers and Stylist”?

TD: I’m going to cover topics that will enable a barber or stylist to develop opportunities for long term success. Things like online scheduling systems, having your client reserve & book their appointment online with a deposit, ways to incorporate social media, and other marketing strategies to expand a beauty professionals business.

JM: You mentioned eCommerce, can you explain what that means and how it’s beneficial?

TD: So eCommerce is any type of commercial transaction. So when you add retail capability to your business, whether through your website or shop, this can boost your overall yearly profits. You can sell things like shirts, hats, styling tools, hair care products, etc – all are considered eCommerce.

In my class, I’ll introduce ManCave Naturals, which is a natural men’s grooming line that I sell through my shop. Using my own experiences with retail and more specfically ManCave Naturals, I can demonstrate how simple adding to eCommerce really is. If you don’t integrate it into your business it’s like doing a disservice to yourself.

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JM: And what about social media? What aspect of social media will you cover in the class?

TD: Social media is crucial not only for your barbershop or beauty salon but for your individual brand as well. Posting pictures of your work, creating video tutorials, providing instruction on hair styling techniques; all will separate you from the thousands of other barbers or stylists. People go where the best information lives. So if you are constantly posting good information, other professionals, students and even non-beauty people will see you as a reliable source and keep coming back to you.

JM: Why should people come to your class? What will be their biggest take away?

TD: I’m going to teach people how to develop opportunities for long term success and how to make money even when they aren’t servicing a client.

JM: Besides the class, where can attendees find you at the expo?

TD: Everyone is more than welcomed to come to my booth (#542) to learn about the Hair University Salon, ManCave Naturals, or to ask me questions about social media, eCommerce or anything beauty related.

JM: Is there anyone you are looking forward to seeing this year? Any barber, stylist, or company…

TD: I’m looking forward to seeing fellow Barbinc Educator JayDaBarber; and Walter Triche from BUYRITE. Really excited to see the latest and upcoming beauty equipment from BUYRITE.

JM: What are you hoping to see and/or experience differently at this winter show, in comparison to the summer 2014 show?

TD: I’m hoping to see a lot more professional stylists and barbers attending classes and walking to different booths throughout the show floor.

If you want to know about Tamika Day, attend her educational seminars, learn more about ManCave Naturals or visit her salon – check out Hair University Salon.


About Tamika Day

Tamika Day is the owner of the Atlanta-based Hair University Salon and has been an educator for McBride Research Laboratory (MRL), makers of Design Essentials Salon Products, for over 5 years.

Featured in STRANDS, a quarterly newsletter created by MRL; Atlanta Journal Constitution as a stylist at Atlanta’s National Hair Show; and captured in Black Hair Sophisticate – Tamika Day is a proud participant of the “Look Good Feel Better” campaign sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Tamika’s latest accomplishments include teaching two classes at the Mid-Winter and Summer Bronner Brother’s International Hair Show 2012 and 2013. She has been Noted as one of Ford Top 10 Salons for 2013 and is launching Hair University

In 2014, Tamika Day combined her efforts with technology-based company Barbinc, as their Director of Education. She also contributes a rotating series called “Tamika’s Take” on Barbinc’s Newswire platform.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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