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#BarbincSpotlight on Featured Educator Sharon Reams | Bronner Bros. 2015

Sharon Reams has been a veteran hair stylist for more than 25 years. She is a recognized International Educator and Platform Artist, who has traveled the world demonstrating her award winning hair extension techniques.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sharon, and I was once again overwhelmed (in a good way!) by her passion to help and educate others. After our phone conversation, I repeatedly listened to the captured audio and felt an article would not convey Sharon’s message effectively. I wanted to find a way for Barbinc readers to hear my audio.

So here’s the brief (but not really that brief) version. And be sure to keep a look-out for the audio version…

JM: Sharon you’ve participated as an educator at Bronner Brothers for a number of years. What motivates you to keep coming back?

SR: Oh wow! It’s really the diversity of the people who come from all over the country… all over the world. You have people who come and are seeking information and are very serious about their education. I usually have really large classes and the people are just eager. I get feedback from people and they want my technique – they know my technique is one of a kind and there is no one else in the world that can teach them what I teach them. I was blessed with this gift, with this technique and I have finally made them available for anyone, anywhere in the world to learn. And now these stylist finally have a solution to give to their clients who are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or mild-to-severe alopecia. That’s why I love teaching at the Bronner Brothers show because the diversity and enthusiasm of the people.

Sharon Reams, Creator of the Total Hair Transformation Technique
Sharon Reams, Creator of the Total Hair Transformation Technique
JM: Give me a description of what “A Day with Sharon Reams” will focus on.

SR: O gosh…ok…well “A Day With Sharon” will cover four individual classes that I teach in my salon. The first class is called the New Web Weave. This web pattern technique was designed for clients who do not have Alopecia, but have fine hair at the top area of the head. It integrates the client’s natural hair and commercial hair where needed.

The second class is where I’ll actually demonstrate Microstitch and Eurostitch, which are a my braidless sew-in techniques. If maintained properly, both of these techniques can lasts two to four months depending the condition of the natural hair. I’ll also have a 2-two class featuring my Hairloss Restoration Solution. This is great for those with clients who suffer from Alopecia, or minor to severe hair loss. There’s no need for braids, glues, clips, links or infusion. This weave technique will offer clients the natural full look and style that they used to have.

And then I have a Photo Analysis hour, this is something new! This happens all the time when classes are over, stylists will always come up to me and say “Sharon, let me show you a picture of my client. Which technique do you think would work on them best?” And I would look at the picture and tell them which method I would recommend. There are different ranges of hair loss and baldness, so one technique isn’t going to work on everyone. That’s why the more techniques you have under your belt, the more clients you can service and the more people you can help. So I’ll have people show me photos of their clients, we’ll all look at them together and I’ll give my suggestions and explain why I chose that technique. This way everyone learns and hopefully they can use these techniques to help their clients.

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JM: Sharon, you have such a passion for this. Why is working with women who suffer with hair loss and Alopecia such an important topic for you?

SR: This is what God put in my heart years ago. As I was providing education, I would have people come up to me and ask “Well Sharon, what would you do for clients who have no hair or thinning hair.” Since then, it has just evolved. Even where I live, and I’m from a small town, things evolved there too. Clients would come to me because they had no hair on the top but didn’t want to wear a full weave. People can lose their hair because of medication, stress, it could be a hereditary issue, bad weave jobs, there are a whole bunch of reasons. But there was no one that was actually teaching stylists how to cover up just the problem areas without giving clients a full sew-in weave. I feel like God gave me this gift to help these women.

I started doing it on my clients and when I did, they were so excited! They were like “Oh my God, this is wonderful!” So I thought…ok this could work for other people too! And with me being the sharing type person that I am, I believe in sharing what I have so it can help someone else. But one thing stylist are always asking me is how I get my client’s “before” pictures. They’re surprised my clients aren’t ashamed or embarrassed. But when I would ask my client’s for a BEFORE picture, they say… ‘well Sharon, if you taking this picture and showing other stylists how to follow this technique – and their clients feel as good as I do right now, I don’t care if you put my picture on a billboard!” I feel great! And my hair looks good! As long as my AFTER picture looks better than my BEFORE – I don’t care!”

I really thank God for putting this in their hearts to be able to share this. The same way I’m able to share and affect other people’s lives. I really want people to learn all the information I have to offer and start helping other people, so they can see the smile on their client’s faces the way I do. I love it.

JM: Why do you personally think this class is beneficial for both professionals and students? Why should they come?

SR: For one thing, we’re not just changing hairstyles, we are changing lives. That’s my whole thing. I want to change lives. I want to help. Think of it this way…if you can give a person their dignity back, that’s worth all the money in the world. If you are going into this business just to make money, then you have already lost. As a professional, God has given us this gift and it’s important to help other people. If you learn how to do this correctly, then that already sets you apart. So many stylists want to do everything quick.

My techniques are not quick. You have to take your time and make sure you are keeping the integrity of your client’s hair at all times. I take pride in what I do. I don’t care who sits in my chair, if they took the time and their hard earned money to come see me – then I owe it to them to take my time and make sure I’m doing it correctly.

JM: Besides the class, where else can attendees find you at the expo?

SR: They can always stop by my booth (booth #103). I’ll be giving out information, doing mini-demonstrations and advising stylists who may need guidance on selecting one of my techniques for their client who is currently suffering from hair loss. I’ve also been selected by Bronner Brothers be featured to present one of my techniques on their pavilion stage. I don’t have the final details yet, but I’ll make sure to update my friends at Barbinc and the information will be on my website as well.


What do you think?

Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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