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Dream Beard Oil Review – A Female Perspective

Beard oils are becoming a very popular way to hydrate and maintain your facial hair.

As one of the most prominent products, the Dream Bread Oil is made from a therapeutic grade essential oil blend, which keeps your beard growing thick and soft, while moisturizing the skin..But what do the ladies think of the Dream Beard Oil?

Lori gives the Dream Beard Oil’s Bearded Barber Scent two thumbs up! With a similar scent to licorice, Lori does caution that all essential oils will smell different based on the individual’s own body oils and pheromones. But with consistent use, in a matter of 3 days one should begin to feel their facial hair become smoother, softer and easier to maintain. Make sure to purchase your own bottle of Dream Beard Oil in one of their various scents, and let us know what you think!

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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