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Win an iPad This Weekend at #BBBeautyShow2015

Nope, that wasn’t a typo.

BARBinc and Educator Tamika Day is giving away MAJOR #freebies to several lucky audience members who attend Tamika’s class “The ABC’s of Successful Barbers and Stylist”.



Make sure to register for the class and be automatically enrolled to win one of several prizes from Subway, Apple and Dunkin Donuts.

Here’s a quick recap of what Tamika had to say about her class and her participation in #BronnerBrothers 2015 Mid-Winter show …


JM: At last year’s summer show, you were a featured panelist on Ford’s sponsored discussion; “The Business of Natural Hair: Changing Landscape or Trend..? Why did you decide to participate again this year, as an Educator?

TD: Personally, I think the Bronner Brothers show is an excellent opportunity to introduce both beauty professionals and students to upcoming products that I’m currently featuring like ManCave Naturals. And I think it’s important that I share my knowledge and educate barbers & stylists to the world of technology, in relation to the beauty industry.


JM: What are some of the key topics that you’ll be discussing in your class, “The ABC’s of Successful Barbers and Stylist”?

TD: I’m going to cover topics that will enable a barber or stylist to develop opportunities for long term success. Things like online scheduling systems, having your client reserve & book their appointment online with a deposit, ways to incorporate social media, and other marketing strategies to expand a beauty professionals business.


JM: Why should people come to your class? What will be their biggest take away?

TD: I’m going to teach people how to develop opportunities for long term success and how to make money even when they aren’t servicing a client.


JM: Besides the class, where can attendees find you at the expo?

TD: Everyone is more than welcomed to come to my booth (#542) to learn about the Hair University Salon, ManCave Naturals, or to ask me questions about social media, eCommerce or anything beauty related.

What do you think?

Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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