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Find Out Which Tools You Need To Become a #BarberArt Expert

#BarberArt and #HairArt have taken hair styling to a whole new level…but do you have the proper tools to start your creative juices flowing?

#BarberArt expert Rob The Original gives his audience a short tour of his personal workstation and the tools that has taken his #BarberArt to the mainstream.

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Rob The Original is known for his ability to create portraits and extensive artwork on his client’s heads. Growing up with a love for the arts and his natural drawing abilities – Rob merged his passion with his interest in furthering his barbering career. Not just a barber but a “Hair Artist”, Rob The Original has changed the way audiences look at hairart. With numerous accomplishments and titles already under his belt, Rob continues to satisfy his clientele and his fans with his dynamic abilities from creating a simple fade to a custom work of art. To see a collection of his work, make sure to visit Rob The Original’s website.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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