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Tamika’s Take – Are Beauty Shows Losing Their Momentum..?

Profits and publicity may drive the Beauty Show cycle, but Instructor and Master Stylist Tamika Day talks about the REAL value of these industry events.

Have large manufacturers decided that selling is more important than actual demonstrations and education?

There are many factors that define the “success” of any event – especially one as large as the BronnerBros International Beauty Show. Also, success may mean different things to different people.


How do we begin to measure the true success of a Beauty Show..?

Tamika Day poses with event co-producer James Bronner.
Tamika Day poses with event co-producer James Bronner.
As a licensed professional, I attend beauty shows to learn about new trend releases and product launches from major brands in the beauty industry. As a stylist, I am moved by what I see, feel and touch. I would love to see more excitement and creativity versus a sales portfolio or media kit asking me to purchase an item without knowing how it performs.

I don’t know many people who buy a car without taking it for a test drive. The same can be said for product promotions at a beauty show. At the end of the day, our industry experts and supporters are looking for more value at a show than just a bag of goodies.

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I believe that Education adds value and long term personal growth. In my class, “The ABC’s of Successful Barbers and Stylists” my goal was to communicate like a pro. I wanted each student to develop greater confidence and inner strength to excel in their personal and professional career.
Tamika at her seminar, "The ABC's of Success for Barbers and Stylists"
Tamika at her seminar, “The ABC’s of Success for Barbers and Stylists”
The class focused on building your brand using social media and simple marketing strategies. I had the pleasure of an iPad mini to my class attendee, Amber Graham as part of a BARBinc promotional giveaway.

This was Mrs. Grahams first time attending a BronnerBros event and she was thankful for the class. She also expressed that the iPad would definitely create an opportunity for her to capture each moment at BronnerBros.

Tamika with BARBinc iPad giveaway winner Amber Graham
Tamika with BARBinc iPad giveaway winner Amber Graham
I feel to truly measure the success of a beauty show is to evaluate first time attendees as well as repeat exhibitors. The recent Bronner Brothers Beauty Show was held in Atlanta, GA with many in attendance. The space was full of engaging retail displays and opportunity for traditional selling.

The main stage provided entertainment, competitions and interactive experiences that featured students, talented stylist, barbers and celebrities. As styles evolve and change it is important to build upon a passion for knowledge, emerging trends and efficient business skills.

Tamika with a Delta Sigma Theta sorority-sister...
Tamika with a Delta Sigma Theta sorority-sister…
It works to our advantage to embrace all aspects of the beauty culture and to commit to shaping the lives and careers of the professional hair designer. Bronner Brothers Beauty Show continues to strengthen the industry and to effectively communicate brand awareness. I recognize that change is good and with much success requires proper planning.

My goal is for the show to develop great leaders, future entrepreneurs and successful professions to lead the next generation into the world of beauty.

About Tamika

Tamika Day is a successful salon owner and educator for Hair University, LLC. She has dedicated her career to promoting excellence in hair care and mentoring stylists and barbers to succeed in the beauty industry.Tamika is an educator for McBride Research Laboratory (MRL), and works as Director of Education for Tamika was named a Ford “U.S. Top Ten Stylist” in 2013.

To learn more about Tamika Day, visit her website at: or connect with her via Instagram or Twitter (@hairuniv)

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Written by Tamika Day

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