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Tamika’s Take: Using Technology to Connect with Barbers and Stylists

Tamika goes to IBS-NYC and asks Angela Kennow of Andis how this powerhouse company uses technology and social media to develop connections within the Beauty industry.


Technology shapes the way we connect to the world without out leaving our home. You can discover virtually anything in a matter of seconds.
Whether we use technology to capture a game winning shot or simply to take notes, it is relevant in our culture. Customers have created a demand to be apart of the things we are connected to and usually rely on our timelines for information. But in order to reap the benefits, the beauty industry need to adapt and change.

So exactly how has technology changed the way we do business?

At we provide technology, education, advocacy and media to
help grow your business in the beauty industry. We are the number one source for interesting news and events at news.barbincom. As Director of Education for I wanted to find which company was using technology to enhance education for barbers and stylists at The International Beauty Show (IBS) in New York.

My take for technology at the IBS show was Andis. Barbers, stylists and consumers everywhere continue to reach for Andis clippers when they want to rely on top performing tools. I had the pleasure of speaking with Angela Kennow, Marketing Service Specialists at Andis about the new social media promos for the show.


Tamika: Do you feel it’s important for Andis to use social media?

Angela: It’s very important to get the word out about our promotions and to showcase our educators at Andis and the great work of other barbers and stylists that use Andis tools.

Tamika: What campaign did you create for this show to educate barbers and stylists?

Angela: We created a new app with information and pictures as well as, hashtags to snap,tag and post pictures at the Andis booth. We wanted to promote our Andis giveaways, new trends and techniques.

Tamika: How do you feel the Andis giveaways will benefit your current and future customers?

Angela: The chance of being rewarded for using the Andis brand will encourage them to spread the news about our new products and tools. We gave away more than $3600.00 in prizes to show appreciation to professionals at the show. The most important thing here is to offer quality to your customers. The more we get our tools in the hands of licensed barbers and stylists the more value we add to the profession.


Advances in technology are proving to be the new business model. To remain economically viable, companies are embracing change and using it to communicate their message.

For more information on the Andis brand:

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Written by Tamika Day

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