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Cedric’s Barber Battle TV Show Inspires “Austin-only” Competition

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Ingenious..! When the CW Network debuts its new series, The Austin School of Spa Technology will have its own barber battle airing (locally) during commercial breaks.


Dubbed “Austin’s Barber Battle”, the series-within-a-series will feature students, graduates, and instructors from the beauty school. The public will be invited to vote on the CW Network mini site to choose the Barber Battle winners (to be announced at the end of the series).

CW Barber Battle Promo

Voting for the first category will begin May 1st. For more information on Austin’s barbers and the competiton, visit the Austin Barber Battle Website. You can also follow the competition on social medua using the hashtag #voteaustins.

Barber Battle Championship – Austin’s School of Spa Technology

Cedric’s Barber Battle Video – Long Beach Clip | Watch Online Free

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