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Video: Barbiershop Fined for Refusing to Cut Woman’s Hair

Hmmm… A “men’s only” barbershop refuses to cut a woman’s hair. Is that discrimination or a Barber’s Right?

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The owner of Barbier, located near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, is under fire for refusing to cut a woman’s hair. Barbier’s owner, John Interval, was slapped with a $750 fine for violating the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act after the woman filed a gender discrimination complaint with the state.
Interval stated that he was not opposed to doing women’s hair, but he just didn’t want to do it at his men’s shop. We at BARB Inc. believe that there is never a time when a person should face discrimination. What do you think? Did Interval have the right to refuse to cut the woman’s hair?

What do you think?

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