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Jenell B. Stewart’s Wash N Go Tutorial Using Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard

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Jenell B. Stewart gives step-by-step details on how to get the perfect wash and go.

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Have you ever wondered how some naturalistas seem to have the perfect wash and go? Jenell B. Stewart, founder of kinkycurlycoilyme.com, provides a tutorial on the steps that she takes to achieve her highly desired look, using Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard, on her YouTube channel, BlakIzBeautyful.
Stewart stresses the importance of washing and conditioning the hair before applying the product and also using a detangler.

The steps are as follows:

1). Apply leave-in conditioner.
2). Apply Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard.
3). Use finger-raking method.
4). Repeat method. (Make sure hair is saturated.)
5). Allow hair to air dry or sit under a dryer for 1 hour.
6). Add oil to soften gel and to add shine.

Although Stewart liked the way that her coils looked after the wash and go, she did not like the residue that was left behind.

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