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Sheryl Underwood Reveals Her Natural Hair on TV Show “The Talk”

Comedian Sheryl Underwood apologizes for disparaging remarks and reveals her Natural Hair

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For as long as we can all remember, Sheryl Underwood has worn wigs or extensions. Recently, she decided to remove her wig to reveal her natural hair.

According to The Talk’s cohost, she received backlash after she made comments that were deemed offensive by black women. Two years ago, Underwood made comments about Heidi Klum saving her children’s hair and suggested that kinky hair was of little value, since it couldn’t be used as a weave. She wanted to use her platform on the talk show to apologize for making the mistake and being wrong in her “recent attempt at humor”.

Underwood mentioned that it was a call from Denise Moseley that prompted her to reveal her natural hair. Although she will continue to wear her wigs, Underwood made the decision to wear her natural hair during the entire show.

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