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Buzz Cut giving you dry scalp…? This is what to do…!

Chris Roberts, owner & stylist for High & Tight, shares some of his personal recommendations to moisturize your client’s hair after a buzz-cut.

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If you are unfamiliar with a buzz-cut hairstyle, essentially the cut reduces the entire head of hair to 3/8 of an inch. With the hair being cut this low, it often presents the challenge of dry scalp. With less hair to protect the scalp from natural elements (like the weather) the scalp can become very dry and dandruff can become a persistent problem.
Chris explains it is essential to educate your client with the proper after-cut routine that will help moisturize and retain the body’s natural essential oils without causing an over abundance of oil or dry skin. Chris recommends a tea-tree based balancing shampoo (his establishment uses the American Crew line) that will help hydrate the scalp. This should then be followed by a moisturizing conditioner, as this will ensure the scalp retains its natural produced oils and create a shield of hydration from the elements.

As a barber or a stylist, it is your job to educate your client on the effective ways to keep their hair healthy. Not only will they appreciate your professional advice, but adding a personal touch in your relationships will be the key factor in customer retention.

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