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Two (Very Busy) Days In The Life of Jay The Barber

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Starting at 6am, JayTheBarber starts his hustle…! So come along as he drops off his little one, gives himself a haircut, grabs a 9am flight out of NYC to teach a barbering class in Michigan the following day…

BARBinc Says: Kudos to Jay for an excellent video. Nice editing, friendly monologue and good use of music and subtitles help to keep the viewer engaged throughout the day.
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Jay the Barber grew up in the Bronx, NY and knows there is no better place than New York City. With a well established barbershop (Top Of The Line Barbershop), an instructional DVD (BarberQuest), a new book (The Barber Code), and a website filled with educational resources (How To Become A Barber) – Jay the Barber is the epitome of the NY hustle.

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