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Tamika’s Take: Keeping up with Grooming Services

A Heart as Big as an Elephant

The men’s grooming industry is expanding across the country with a surge in products and services. Many men are more than willing to spend the time and money in salons getting massages, facials and hair removal services rather than the traditional barbershops. Barbers are customizing their menus to keep up with the growing trend of grooming needs. At Elephant In The Room (EITR) Men’s Grooming Lounge in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they believe “hair is an accessory to style and that you cannot have great style without great grooming”. Elephant In The Room have created membership packages for gentlemen to enjoy their services on a more consistent basis at a discounted rate.

Click link for EITR membership information:

Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge offers more than a consultation, great cut and a hot towel. The core of the company is to provide charity to the community. “We are now raising a fatherless generation of men and boys. Many boys today are being raised without the presence of a strong role model in their lives which is why we started the It Starts With One Campaign. For every haircut that we provide we donate $1.00 to organizations that mentor men and boys throughout the communities we serve”.

I salute Elephant In The Room for its custom tailored approach to service and for having a heart as big as an elephant. For more information:

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Written by Tamika Day

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