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Best of the Best — #BarberArt Weekly (Jun-11-2016)

Among the 1,000+ images in the #BarberArt stream this week, abstract designs, sunburst fades, and the “magic” of GraffEtch color pens floated to the top… Salute to @g_thelegend, @megnificenttt, @icutitup and more..!

Years ago, we at BARBinc were the first to popularize the hashtag #BarberArt to showcase notable BarberArt designs for fun and inspiration. We review over 1,000 images every week just for you..! So, be sure to come back every week as we highlight artistic offerings from barbers (and artists) around the world..!
Best of the Best
We Want to See Your BarberArt…!

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