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A Book That Belongs In EVERY Barbershop (“Barbershops of America” by Rob Hammer)

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Rob Hammer has been a man on a mission..! For 3 years, Rob traveled the USA to capture the beauty, style and essence of barbershops in every state.

Now, Rob’s vision is a reality with the publication of “Barbershops of America” – a 120 page full color coffee table book with photographs that represent the rich history and culture of Vintage barbershops.

Here’s an excerpt:

You’ve probably never heard of Burlington, Kansas. It won’t show up on most maps, and unless you live there, the reasons to visit are few. It’s a quiet one stop light town. On the main street, Honest John Deitrich and his shop have been a staple for the last 50+ years.
Immediately I could tell that John was a character, and he couldn’t have been happier that I wanted to take his picture. “Can’t wait to tell all my friends. They’re never going to believe it.”
My time in the shop with him was very memorable, as were the interactions he had with his customers. Obviously they were all lifelong friends…
Although the barbershops that Rob photographed all fall under the “Vintage” umbrella, we at BARBinc encourage our readers to browse through some of the moments captured and if you like what you see, then send Rob some love (and $$$) by buying the book.
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