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The Top 5 Male Celebrity Hairstyle Trendsetters of 2016 (So Far)

Celebrities sport some of the most talked about and copied hairstyles. However, it takes more than just fancy locks or outrageous spikes to be a trendsetter…

There are obvious reasons why celebrities sport some of the most talked about and copied hairstyles.  They have access to the best stylists, colorists and publicity and they never have a hair out of place unless it’s a planned messy look.  However, it takes more than just fancy locks or outrageous spikes to be a trendsetter: it takes personality, popularity and a relationship with fans to have the charisma to inspire imitators.

These 5 men have set the stage for the quintessential looks of 2016.  From field to screen to stage, it is impossible to flip through a magazine or walk through an advertising laden cityscape without seeing their faces and more importantly, their handsome hair.

Ryan Gosling

Who wouldn’t want to look like Ryan Gosling? Gosling has always been able to pull off the devil-may-care look made famous by many famous actors including Steve McQueen and George Clooney.


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While his dark golden locks have always remained relatively short, his style has matured over the years.  His fresh baby face sported unruly curls back in 2001, and in 2003 he added some overlong sideburns.  In 2005, he carried off a buzz cut followed by a full beard in 2006.


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The past few years have seen a certain maturity to his do with a general light scruff on the face and shorter styled hair with no particular part.  That, combined with his constant no teeth smile have given this handsome devil’s hair the title of biggest trend in men’s hairstyles for 2016.

Neymar Jr

FC Barcelona’s winger Neymar Jr is one of the most brilliant young footballers the game has ever seen.  Brazil is legendary for producing outstanding players and Neymar is no exception.  He is known for his ability with the ball almost as much as his ability to change hairstyles at the drop of a hat. In fact, he’s very frequently compared to soccer legend Pelé for his skills on the pitch.


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But what is it exactly that makes Neymar so compelling? From the football pitch to the poker tables, It’s not only his hairstyle that the entire globe follows passionately, but his stylistic choices in general. Thanks to his involvement with all forms of social media, Neymar is very connected to his fanbase and it is not unusual to have hundreds of fans sporting whatever his newest “do” is at every game. Neymar has worn everything from blonde mohawks to top knots to long braids down his back, and the web is full of tutorials to copy him.  He has already worn three different looks this year already.

Neymar is one of the friendliest players out there, always with a smile for his fan base.  And while he has all the stylists and consultants that a celebrity could want, he loves to just do his own crazy styles himself at times, just to shake things up a little.

Justin Bieber

This 22 year-old hit the music scene almost 9 years ago and released his first album in 2009.  He has won the American Music Award for Artist of the Year twice and had 3 Grammy nominations.  With years of sold-out concerts and a multitude of magazine covers, it’s no surprise that Bieber’s hairstyles are followed as closely as his music.


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He tends to be pretty drastic each time he changes in appearance and not a new hairstyle goes by without a cover on a magazine (or two, or a dozen).  He has changed his hair several times in 2016 alone from purple to blonde dreads to shaved head to man-bun.  In fact, there are actually wax statues of him following his hairstyles early in his career at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam and New York.

If the 2016 Billboard Awards show anything it’s that Bieber shows no signs of slowing down or stagnating his look.  We obviously have years of “Bieberstyle” to look forward to.

David Beckham

When you Google celebrity hair trendsetters, Beckman’s name comes up in more than half the listings on the first page, which of course includes tutorials on how to look like him.  A former professional footballer for over 20 years, this Englishman went on to become a major hair and fashion icon, together with his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.


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Beckham’s handsome face has been able to pull off any hairstyle from a mullet to a man-bun and has fans everywhere combing the web to discover how to copy his modern pompadour. Leading the way in fashion each year, it is with no surprise that fans eagerly awaited his 2016 look.

We were not disappointed with his tousled and textured top and combed straight down sides.  It was this look that made his fifth cover of British GQ in March and April’s GQ as well.

Jared Leto

While Jared Leto is known as a tremendous musician and a talented actor, it’s his “luscious locks” that actually have their own Facebook page.  Since his debut on “My So-Called Life” in 1994, Leto has changed hairstyles more than most do in their lifetime.


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Length, style, color and accompanying facial hair have changed so often, it makes our head spin.  While he does wear his natural chocolate brown much of the time, Jared has embraced ombre, bleached blonde and black, as well as neon pink, red tips and most recently bright green for his role as the Joker in the upcoming film Suicide Squad, the most highly anticipated DC Comics flick since Batman vs Superman.


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He has had hair hallway down his back and shaved to the scalp.  Regardless of whether he wears classic or twisted cornrows, a man-bun or just leaves his long locks loose and wavy, he’s still a man with hair every woman would want to run fingers through and the man never hesitates to stop and take a photo with a fan.

All of this fabulous hair, and 2016 is only halfway through.  No doubt more of the favorite hair trendsetters will make their splash before the year is up.  After all, we haven’t seen a new Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey or Adam Lambert for a little while. 

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