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The #BarberArtMaster Series – Joe Barajas, aka @TheJoeBarber

Every month, we will highlight exceptional people that represent the absolute top of the #BarberArt game. We at BARBinc call these people #BarberArtMasters..!

Joe Barajas, aka “TheJoeBarber”
First featured in our 2014 article, San-Antonio Master Barber Joe Barajas still reigns today as one of the top Barber-Artists in the world..!
His work has been featured on ESPN Sportcenter, FOX, CBS, USA Today, Good Morning America & a even a NHL New York Rangers commercial.
Mr. Barajas is best known for creating photo-realistic portraits of celebrities and sports figures

In fact, it was his portrait of Michael Jordan that led us to name him “The Rembrandt of Hair Art” back in 2013…

(If you look closely, you’ll notice that Joe actually etched the REFLECTION of Michael Jordan’s face on the surface of the trophy..!)

It’s through the subtle manipulation of light and shading in every haircut that makes Joe a true Master… His ability to manipulate hair on a “pixel-by-pixel” level is astounding.
For example, the fluid shadows and highlights that go into a simple set of lotus flower petals (below) shows the truly staggering depth of his skill…

And BTW: Joe is no slouch with 2-dimensional “logo-style” work either..!

Mr. Barajas seems to enjoy composing his art with minimal black/white highlights, letting the hair convey the photo-realism of his subjects.

But don’t mistake him for a “no color” purist… His skills (and vision) extends across the entire visible spectrum.

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Repost of incredible hulk

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…and as you follow his Instagram posts, it becomes obvious that Joe is as a person of humility, positivity and grace.
Case in point, this mind-blowing, complex Louis Vitton pattern was posted with the simple comment: “something I made 3 years ago…”

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Did this 3yrs ago

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And more recently, Joe posted this simple image to sum up his personal (Barber/Art) philosophy…

(Be sure to check out the poetic caption..!)

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Thank you to all my friends and followers. I really appreciate art in every form. I also believe that art is a gift that can be used for financial gain and for a decent living. Fame is not what I'm after, I want to inspire people to think outside the box and display my talent in order to bless those who value my time and energy. I'm not the best artist, barber, or educator. I don't need people to know my name, I just want to be used by God to display what He has done for a person like me. If He can change me He can change you, from the inside out. He didn't promise that it would be easy, but His promise is that He will never abandon you. #116 #art #thankyou #artist #sanantonio #respectthegift #authentic #nogimmick #real

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So… We #salute Master Barajas and encourage all our readers to follow this modern master.
(And… Stay tuned for another “BarberArt Master” next month…!)
About BarberArt…
Years ago, we at BARBinc were the first to popularize the hashtag #BarberArt to showcase notable BarberArt designs for fun and inspiration. Come back every week as we highlight artistic offerings from barbers (and artists) around the world..!

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