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Straight Up: The Blind Barber’s Smoke and Dagger

Alcohol and sharp implements might not sound like a smart combo, but that’s only if the stylist or barber is imbibing… Otherwise, it’s a great way to go.

Ask Jeff Laub, owner of Blind Barber’s four (and counting) locations, all of which serve booze of varying types, depending on the site. Take the Culver City, California location, where the barbershop side of the establishment provides the requisite haircuts and shaves.

Come 6 p.m., the shop’s adjoining Back Room becomes a local hot spot for savvy locals who file through the unmarked, street- facing entrance to unwind with an exhaustive menu of grilled cheese options, gourmet snacks (truffle popcorn, anyone?) and cocktails creatively crafted to please anyone’s taste—be it bourbon, scotch, gin, rum, tequila or vodka.

“In addition to our regular drink menu, each of our locations offers seasonal cocktails,” Laub says. “Four times a year, our bartenders come in with ideas and everyone votes on drinks. It gets pretty crazy!”

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