Asked And Answered: Interviews with Mens Grooming Industry Leaders

by Katie O’Reilly

How did you get started in men’s grooming?

Gib: We’re serial entrepreneurs and longtime business partners who entered the beauty industry five years ago. We started in hair feathers, and realized we were lucky to be at the front of a huge trend—even if it ended as quickly as it began! The experience showed us how cool the industry is, so we continued to meet all its players, shake hands and figure out how we could have staying power.

Mike: We’re also fishers and hunters: meat- eating Colorado dads usually dressed in work boots and T-shirts. We saw that our fellow ‘regular guys’ nowadays are spending good money on products, whereas a decade ago they’d own maybe a bar of soap and use whatever shampoo happened to be in the bathroom. Of course, we also have a lot of gentlemen friends who, like us, are bearded. And we realized there was no simple beard oil on the market—sort of like there hadn’t been any hair feathers a few years prior.

Gib: So, Mike and I went to the lab, figured out what we did and didn’t like for our own beards, and then hired some pros to help us blend the oil properly.

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