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“Best of the Week” | #BarberArt Weekly (Nov-11-2017)

This week, much #barberlove goes to @mr.apstylez for this Excellent shark-inspired haircut…

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#BarberArt Weekly
Best of the Week

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✂️🐼 CREATIVE PROCESS 💡🎨 Instead of a catchy caption, want to share some insight. This post breaks down 4 of my favorite cuts and explains what's behind them. If you got the time, Read / Comment. Any questions, feel free to ask 👌 1. DIREWOLF HAWK: I Struggled with wolf designs when I first started. This time out, pushed myself. I mixed freestyle with bold silhouette to make it stand out on his hair texture. Wolf itself was inspired by Okami and Game Of Thrones. Heaviest focus was to set mood and flow. No color was used. 2. UNDERCUT EYE: I'm a Huge Anime fan. The eyes in particular are bold and expressive. The day of the Kate's cut I happened to be drawing one on lunch break. When it came time to pick a design, this was a perfect fit. Color was used but all detail had to be cut in. Color inspired by Samurai Showdown. 3. MICKEY: I idolized Walt Disney growing up. Inspiration from his work has gone into mine for a while now. This was a family trip cut and it had to stand out. Focus was on a classic style Mickey face with classic eyes and accurate proportions. If Mickey doesn't look accurate walking around Disneyland…. they'll know. 4. COLD WORLD UNDERCUT: Hair design is seasonal. When it comes to winter you see alot of snowflake designs etc. I had creative freedom to try something new but season appropriate. I went for silhouette style landscape. In designs, fades = lighting. Position of the fade needed to set the mood and give contrast. As always, Thank you to my clients for trusting me and pushing me to the next level. Respect if you took the time to read 💯✌️💯 #JubeiMa

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