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#BarberArt Weekly: Spotlight on “The French Barber” (@OsKa39)

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The team here at BARBinc are AMAZED at the #BarberArt talent we see on Instagram. So, we’re paying homage where it’s due by shining the spotlight on a single artist every week…

This week, we spotlight “The French Barber” who goes by the handle @OsKa39 works out out “Le temps d’une coupe” Barbershop in Saint-Martin-du-Mont, France.
An expert with two-dimensional “logo” designs, We appreciate OsKa’s crisp, clean lines and clever use of shading (see “Flaming Soccer Ball” and “Pyramid” below for details)… If OsKa has a ‘signature’ to his work, it lies in way he plays with curves. Whether its abstract designs or flourishes to everyday images, OsKa’s curves flow gracefully over the scalp of his clients..!
So, we encourage our readers to checkout @OsKa39’s work and if you want to see more, we suggest that you checkout his YouTube Channel… (P.S. – If you don’t know french, just mute the audio and enjoy the great visuals..!)

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