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Exploring #BarberArt: “Logo-Work”

This month, BARBinc News goes deep into the world of #BarberArt by exploring it’s three main artistic ‘branches’…

What is BarberArt…?
As we mentioned last week in Part 1, BarberArt is more than just hair… BarberArt can be found in a finely crafted barber’s chair, or the many sketches, paintings and sculptures that we highlight every week.
(…And let’s not forget about the many #ladybarbers who, while grinding hard on the job, are often works of beauty themselves…)
However, the term ‘BarberArt’ largely refers to a range of designs that are part of a client’s haircut… And these designs can be divided into three distinct areas:
#1: Abstract/Freestyle art
#2: “Logo-Work” art, and
#3: “Photo-Real” art.
This week, we focus on the second category…

As mentioned last week, Barber-Artists frequently start with freestyle/abstract designs since they are easy to create. If a mistake is made mid-cut, designs can often be changed/edited and still come out great…
However, “Logo” work demands a higher level of detail, since one is recreating the image of a well-recognized symbol, cartoon character or lettering style.

Whether it’s the iconic sihlouette of Mickey Mouse or a simple dollar sign, your art has to be ‘tight’ since people WILL recognize even slight imperfections in haircut.

And even with the best of lines, Logo-Work on thin, straight-hair will often look “sketchy”)

Logos are designed to be a quick and easy way to recognize a company, product or brand. They are often 2-dimensional and contain simple lines and curves. This provides any barber with a perfect opportunity to exercise his/her hair-cutting skills without trying to be TOO artistic.

However, don’t let the simplicity fool you… logos demand that they be replicated in EVERY detail. There’s no room for logos that are ‘stretched’, ‘skewed’ or distorted in any way.
For the Barber-Artist, this often requires understanding how a 2-Dimensional or “flat” image can be properly sized and etched into the haircut of a scalp that’s anything but flat..!
To add more drama to the challenge, logos require EVERY line and curve to be crisp, clean and (if needed) symmetrical — because people WILL notice if its not..!

To meet this higher standard of quality, Barber-Artists develop AWESOME hand-skills with a trimmer/detailer or razor.

So, in many ways, Logo-Work is like doing a good skin-fade… If you already have a steady hand (and eye) with your detailer/trimmers, then Logo-Work is a great way to put your skills to the test.
For those starting out, we suggest “sillouette-style” logos to get you accustomed to making simple cuts that still require strict attention to detail…

Once you’re comfortable recreating simple logos with precision, then try logos that have inner details. Using a trimmer/razor efficiently within a 1-3 inch space is the next level of skill that every Barber-Artist must master.

Finally, at the high-end of Logo-Work are masters who easily incorporate detail, sharpness, and accuracy with every cut… Only at this level will you see additional advanced techniques used – like shading and 3-dimensional layering.
When done correctly, Logo-Work is a BarberArt style that dazzles the eye while – at the same time – feels comfortable and familiar.

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So, we hope you’ve enjoyed this journey into Logo-Work… Stay tuned for next week’s final segment where we explore the BarberArt branch of PhotoRealism..!

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