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#BarberArt Spotlight on Joe Barajas (@thejoebarber)

To round out our #BarberArt Spotlight series this month, we go straight to the top..!

Back in 2013 (…D@mn, we’re old..!), Joe Barajas, aka “thejoebarber” was the absolute FIRST Barber Artist featured here at (or anywhere)…
At the time, we showcased several of his YouTube videos, including the first BarberArt design at his new location, Kardzmatic Barbershop in San Antonio, TX.

The “Rembrandt” of Hair Art..!

Fast-forward to 2018 and Mr. Barajas has “stayed strong” with dazzling designs and even lending his talent to judge Barber Battles…

However, Joe’s modesty and humility – spurred by his deep religious faith (as shown in his Instagram feed) – make him one of the top barbers “…you’ve never heard of.”

But, enough about the man… Let’s dive into his ART..!!
Simply put, Joe is a master of PhotoRealism – the highest and most demanding branch of BarberArt.
We at BARBinc called it years ago when we named Joe the “Rembrandt” of BarberArt. his designs OBLITERATE the lines between photography, painting and sculpture.

His haircut designs run the gamut from no-color to spot black-and-white highlights to full color.
(…and he has a special affinity for sports-themed portraits…

But regardless of color, it’s the expert shading and surgical lines that make each haircut shine..!
Notice how this stark, 2-dimensonal “Viking” logo still has edges of shading to make the design “pop” even more…

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Designs. Logos. Portraits. Landscape's. Masterpieces. I'm always motivated to for a session of artwork for the right customers. Business is business and my art is my business. Respect the craft and respect my time and we can make your idea a reality. Email me for information Or click on my bio to setup a session for a design you have in mind. #alwaysready #artislife #barber #artisnotfree #yougetwhatyoupay #entrepreneur #businessman #veteranbarber #masterbarber #beenatitfor15yrs #skillspaythebills #passion #respect #Joethetruth #gibsgrooming #sanantonio #inspire #love #respect #build #houseofkardz #thejoebarber #sanantoniobarber #haircut #hairdesign @graffetch #graffetch

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And we have NO (fracking) IDEA how Joe was able to recreate the reflective helmet visor on this haircut..!
(…also, note the realistic ‘wrinkles’ in Dez Bryant’s white gloves..!

As if that level of mastery wasn’t enuf… Joe was also the first barber we’ve seen to EVER apply “masking” effects in his designs – a level of detail that graphic designers sweat over on a daily basis…

So… It is fitting that we (once again) give praise to one of the FINEST Barber Artists in the game and HIGHLY recommend that you check out Joe’s Instagram feed and YouTube channel. If you’re serious about BarberArt and you want to be the best, then you first study the best..!


We are ALWAYS looking for great BarberArt. If you want to submit yours for publication in our BarberArt Weekly articles, be sure to:
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What do you think?

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