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    BARBinc BarberArt Roundup: Tony Danicceone Simpson

    This week, we’re featuring the BarberArt of Tony “Danicceone” Simpson from St. Louis, Missouri. Tony proclaims himself as the “Best Barber in the US of A” and states that all haircut designs are “…Freehand, No Stencil, No Prep”. That’s a bold statement but Tony’s broad range of artwork seems to back up his bragging. Tony […] More

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    Barbers as Health Advocates in Their Communities

    The barbershop is quickly becoming a hotspot for health awareness. With events like “Movember” focusing on Prostate Cancer and the recent 3rd anniversary Indiana Black Barbershop Health Initiative, barbers are (finally) being recognized as thought-leaders in thier respective communities. In the is video, Nancy Ye, a senior at Washington University located in St. Louis, MO, […] More

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    Barbers Serve as Health Advocates in St. Louis

    As part of the Clinton Global Health Initiative, barbers are now health advocates in the St. Louis, MO community..! In this video, students of Washington State University’s medical school lead a barber and barbershop-based education program to reduce metabolic syndrome risk factors (..think “Diabetes”) among African-Americans… More