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    Commercial: Victory Barbershop

    (Victoria, BC) Remember the last time you studied a map of the USA…? Remember finding California, then going north along the Pacific coast to find lonely, little Seattle at the top-most corner of the county…? Well, Seattle rests at the mouth of Vancouver Bay and across from Vancouver Bay is the Canadian city of Victoria. […] More

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    Commercial: Jefferson’s Barbershop

    Located in Vancouver, Canada, Jefferson’s Barbershop may fool you into thinking its the typical “all-American” barbershop. Just goes to show that barbershop culture is truly universal… Like an updated version of the 80’s sitcom “Cheers”, this 3-minute video introduces a cast of characters that’ll make your weekly touch-up more like a visit to your local […] More

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    Hair Art Hitting Mainstream TV

    “CityTV” which broadcasts throughout Canada gives its viewers intensely-local, urban-oriented, culturally-diverse television programming. One of its shows, “Breakfast TV – Vancouver” features a local barbershop that offers hair tattoos. We at BARBinc predict that this very popular trend, which is still officially underground, will likely go “full mainstream” within the next 12 months…! More