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    The Nomad Barber – Episode #13 (Vietnam)

    To celebrate the true genius and creativity of the Nomad Barber, we at BARBinc dedicate today as “Nomad Barber Monday”. We’ll be running articles all day long highlighting this amazing video series. This episode tracks Miguel as he makes his way through the exotic landscape of Vietnam… More

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    The Nomad Barber Goes to Hanoi, Vietnam

    (Hanoi. Vietnam) Sooner or later, we at BARBinc are going to put together an entire playlist of The Nomad Barber…! With excellent video quality and engaging storytelling, TNB is arguably the absolute BEST barber series ever made. But for now, we have a quick “side” episode where Miguel Gutierrez (aka “The Nomad Barber”) goes to […] More