Barber hosts career expo for at-risk youth

Sunni Powell has organized a career day for at-risk youth at his barbershop.

(Chicago, IL) Barber Sunni Powell has organized a career day at his barbershop from noon to 6 p.m. on Jan. 28 The event is aimed to provide males — though women are also welcome — with job readiness and mentoring, which Powell said will enable them to secure jobs that will put them on a path to a career.
“I have arranged for anyone who comes to the shop [on Jan. 28] to receive 30 days of job readiness from Inspiration Corporation,” explained Powell. “They would attend the program five-days a week, would receive bus fare if needed, and if they complete the program, Inspiration Corporation will give them a $5,000 voucher that could be used to attend a local trade school…”

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