Do you love Barber Life…?

Do you have stories about the haircare industry that MUST be told…?
Are you a part of the Barbering or Salon industry and want to help promote/celebrate Haircare Culture…?
Then becoming a BARBinc Online Journalist may be just for you…!
BARBinc News is looking to develop a group of talented individuals with excellent writing skills and who are eager to experience all aspects of online journalism. Our Global Reporter program provides a unique opportunity for career-minded individuals to prepare for real-life employment in the publishing and digital media world. Skills developed at BARBinc will help you land part-time or full-time jobs at many online news orgazinations.

What is a “Online Journalist”…?

A BARBinc Online Journalist explores Barber Culture and the Haircare Industry in general. His/Her primary mission is to hunt down great news stories that will inspire and educate our readers. Nearly all news reporting activities will be done online…

What would I do…?

Under the direction of the Managing Editor, a Reporter’s duties include:

  • Writing for the BARBinc News website / digital magazine;
  • Online Research, Proofreading and Fact-Checking;
  • Updating online articles; Editing photos; and
  • Social Network Management.

Journalists will interact with a wide spectrum of businesses and individuals throughout the haircare industry. They may also have the opportunity to attend industry events as a BARBinc News representative.

Is this a job / Will I get paid…?

All Journalists work is done on a non-paid / volunteer basis.

Then, what’s in it for me…?

Despite the (infinitely) low wage, those who join our program will develop in-demand career skills including:

  • Journalism / News Reporting
  • Content Curation
  • Online Marketing/Branding, and
  • Digital Magazine design.

So, the deal is simple, you help us discover great stories and in return, we’ll help you 1) develop your skills as an online journalist and 2) provide you with a LARGE platform to establish your credentials… Also, some individuals may be offered paid “Online Editor” positions at BARBinc News.

How much time is involved…?

Being an Online Journalist is part-time (estimated: 4-6 hours/week) and can be performed “at home” or anywhere with broadband access. Reporters will be given weekly assignments with deadlines and are free/flexible to schedule their own hours.

Requirements / Preferences

Nearly all of your work will be done online. So you must own a computer AND smartphone (iPhone/Android). Also, you are responsible for your own Internet (broadband) access.
Since BARBinc News reports on the haircare industry, preference will be given to barbers, stylists, barber school students/staff and all haircare professionals. Preference will also be given to candidates who have the following skills:

  1. Familiarity with major blogging platforms
  2. Experience with social networks
  3. Previous journalism / news reporting experience

Where do I signup…?

Fill out the form below to start the process…!
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