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State Barbershop Empowers The Community

My life with my barbershop is about values, and that’s what I teach here. I like giving back – a man who doesn’t give back in his life hardly does anything for himself…”
– Joe Festa, Owner of State Barbershop

State Barbershop is far beyond just a small business in Trenton, New Jersey. To many within the community the barbershop serves as an institution of empowerment and service.

Joe Festa and Bruce Marchesi have owned and operated State Barbershop for over thirty years, inheriting the business from the former owner. Joe’s message of community service vibrates throughout the city and is followed by other businesses along Warren Street. Often seen with an “I Am Trenton” shirt, Joe and his business partner Bruce are constantly teaching and mentoring youth within the Trenton area, instilling in them the values of hard work and “paying it forward”.

Make sure to watch the video in its entirety as Bruce gives advice on how to start your barber career.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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